Flash 4.5

Flash 4.5 by Click&Cloud: Acceleration & Performance

Click&Cloud by Jelastic announced the Flash 4.5 release to introduce the remarkable acceleration of the Docker containers work within the platform and a set of improvements targeted on increased performance. In combination with containers live migration within Click&Cloud cluster, this provides the customers with full freedom of containers orchestration and high-level availability.

We would like to go deeper into the Flash 4.5 development tool!

Ruslan Synytsky, Click&Cloud by Jelastic CEO about the latest release: “Our team has made a really great job within the current Click&Cloud by Jelastic Flash release by polishing the core functionality of containers provisioning. As everything is moving forward rapidly, the goal of Click&Cloud by Jelastic PaaS is to catch this so-called containerized wave in order to satisfy customers and save their time while performing crucial steps during the development process.”

Click&Cloud by Jelastic Flash is completely oriented on Docker containers and here are some of the added improvements:

  • Container Creation Time Reduction

Within the current release, the massive code refactoring has been done to significantly decrease the Docker images’ provisioning time (5x faster in average) and, in such a way, to boost the appeal of their usage even more.

  • Horizontal Scaling Amendment

The horizontal scaling of Docker-based instances of the same kind within the confines of a single environment has been improved through advanced parallelization of multiple containers creation.

  • Alpine Linux Template Support

We are glad to announce a new operating system for Docker images being supported – Alpine Linux, that provides users with simplicity, lightweight and security standards. Leveraging Alpine as a base for template ensures efficient utilization of container resources, as it can be run without the unnecessary dependencies, processes and files inside.

  • Docker Daemon 1.10 Version Support

Starting with this release, Click&Cloud by Jelastic supports the latest version of Docker daemon to get access to Registry 2.3, as well as advanced flexibility and extra layer management abilities by means of applying own patches on top.

  • Parallel Linking of Multiple Containers

Click&Cloud by Jelastic 4.5 platform upgrade implements the addition of a special lock mechanism for an image during the time of link appliance. It ensures that in case of several such processes’ calling, they could be performed in parallel – independently and asynchronously.

“Click&Cloud by Jelastic has been doing amazing work to understanding software development and business needs. This release will bring together DevOps culture, Cloud and Docker. DevOps is applicable to more than just the Web development team it’s communication, collaboration and integration between software developers and IT operations.” – said Lauri Kasti, CEO at Planeetta Internet.

Docker demand is continuously growing within the cloud industry:

  • 70% of companies already adopting this solution
  • The adoption increased drastically for the last year
  • The average company triples the number of containers they use within recent months

These are the reasons why Click&Cloud by Jelastic keeps improving Docker implementation within the platform to meet the requirements of the most demanded customers. This release was mainly aimed at the acceleration of containers provisioning and increase of the performance. So now Click&Cloud customers can experience Docker usage at a new level.


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